Ladies Golf News ~ September 2023

Ladies Golf News ~ September 2023

While other parts of the country are sweltering under extreme heat, August in Western Pennsylvania provided some great golfing weather.
The August 1 game was Disaster Various actions such as water balls, bunkers, three and four putts were assigned points. The team with the fewest points would win. Unpredictably, all the teams tied with 12 points:
Cindy Soccio, Linda Boyle, Sheery O’halloran
Becky DeMuth, Barbara Sloan, Darlene Elliott
JoAnn Treskovich, Robin Giunta, Enis Cassill
The Ladies’ Classic was played on August 8. Cindy Bode won 1st Place net with a 69 and Carolyn Morford shot a 93 for 1st Place gross.

Red tee skill prizes:

#4 Closest to the Hole
Cindy Soccio
#7 Closest to the Hole
Cindy Soccio
#10 Longest Drive
Cindy Soccio
#11 Closest to the Hole
JoAn Treskovich
Barbara Sloan won 1st Place net from the orange tee with a 77. Becky Demuth won the orange tee skill prize with the shortest putt on #2.
The Member-Member, which was rained out in July and once again in August, finally took place on August 22.

1st Place: Cindy Soccio and Sheery O’Halloran net 68

2nd Place: Becky DeMuth and Barbara Sloan net 70

Best Approach was the game on August 29. The last shot to the green’s surface was used to determine points for the shot closest to the hole, second closest, and furthest from the hole. There were three teams of threesomes. The player on each team with the most points won.

Barbara Sloan
41 points
Carolyn Morford
41 points
Becky DeMuth
39 points
There will be no play on September 5 as the course will be closed for aeration. September 12 is a no gadget day. Please remember to sign up in the Pro Shop if you plan to play. Tee times will be at 10:00 a.m. in September.