Club House

Inside of our club house, members can enjoy a mid-round snack, a post-round lunch, and return in the evening for a home-cooked meal by our culinary staff. We hold regular social events including parties, dances, and live music. Our members can relax in the ambiance and enjoy the good life.

The Grill Room

As the club’s casual dining area, the Grill Room is where most members stop in after their round of golf. Running along the fairway of number 18, the tables along the high windows go fast for the best view. Weekly, the room hosts the ever popular pasta bar, and the patio extension is home of the BBQ during the summer. Golfing groups gather around the two largest to settle up, while solo golfers enjoy a bite at the bar.

The Ballroom and Barkley Rooms

Extending from our fireplace, the elegant Ballroom greets guests when they first step through the front doors. The hardwood dance floor plays second to the high ceiling and chandeliers. Perfect for banquets, parties, and intimate weddings, the ballroom comfortably seats 80 people, though connection to the dining rooms allows seating for 150 people in one event.
Adjacent to the Ballroom, the Barkley Room serves as a private dining spot for up to 16 people, an enclosed spaced for rowdy bridge players, or the perfect place for a small business meeting, complete with our newly installed conference board.

The Dining Room

Modeling many faces throughout the season, the L-shaped Dining Room seats up to 72 people for normal dining, small dinners, showers, birthday parties, and business dinners. This room also has the best views of the Laurel Highlands and the eighteenth green. Three sets of French doors open into the ballroom for larger parties. Serene, non-smoking, and reservation-only, this room is a favorite for a long dinner night.

Outdoor Facility

Built in the spring of 2017, the outdoor facility hosts a 3-season pavilion, patio with gorgeous views of the Laurel Highlands, artificial bocce ball court, and kitchen equipped with grill and wood-fired pizza oven. About 100 seats fit under the roof of the pavilion, with a total of 120 seats available in conjunction with the patio.