Guest Information

Guest Information

Playing our Course

When arriving at LCC to play our fantastic course, please enter the driveway and parking lot at a safe speed and proceed to the bag drop located to the left side of the Golf Shop. A member of our Outside Staff will assist you.

Members and Guests are expected to play a round of golf in four hours or less. Please be ready to play at all times, pick up if you are out of the hole and putt continuously when appropriate. If your group is approached by a club employee about pace of play, please do whatever is necessary to keep up with the group in front of you.

If you are driving a cart, please follow all directional signs and use cart paths when designated to do so. The responsible operation of golf carts will help preserve the condition of our playing surfaces.

Please remember to rake bunkers, replace divots, and fix ball marks.

Dress Code

Business Casual or Golf attire is the general mode for all areas.

Jeans/Denim is prohibited on the golf course and practice areas from April 1st through October 31st.

Denim will be permitted year-round in the clubhouse and on the patio provided it is tasteful and in good repair. Denim must be free of tears, holes, rips, tatters or frays. Appropriate Attire includes tailored shirts; golf slacks shorts, and tops; khakis; and all weather gear

Soft spikes only on the Golf Course. Soft spikes may only be worn in Locker Rooms, Grillroom, and Stairways. No one is allowed to be on any greens, including practice greens, except in approved golf shoes. Playing without shirts or in any undershirt is forbidden, and no attire may bear improper imprints.

Inappropriate Attire includes sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, tight or short shorts, sweat pants, athletic jerseys, or any clothes with tears or frayed edges

Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

All beverages consumed on the Club premises must be purchased at the Club by a member of LCC. Our entire property is licensed by the PLCB and as such no outside food and beverage is permitted on the grounds.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas of the Club and under the Pavilion structure. Smoking is prohibited in the outdoor facility during food service and events. Please be considerate of others enjoying the space.

Guest Register

All guests must be entered into the guest register via the tee sheet or sign in book found in the clubhouse foyer (except participants of scheduled events).

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