This Week on the Course

A mild winter and an early spring has gotten us off to one of our fastest starts ever. We’ve already mowed once and in some instances twice.  It’s also allowed us to realign some tees that we’ll continue to recontour through mowing.

The full crew returned yesterday and we dove right into edging and evening out the traps in preparation for new sand. Seventy ton white sand is coming in over the next three days and as long as the weather allows, we’ll be filling in traps all across the course. In a few weeks the sand will settle and compact.

Next week we plan on dethatching the greens. The process involves cutting two directions, which removes accumulated thatch that helps the grass grow stronger and be less susceptible to disease. Water, air and other nutrients can then reach the root system better.

Over the winter we removed 28 trees, most of which were ash trees damaged or dying from the ash borer. A number of the trees were removed from the woods next to the clubhouse.

IMG_0926 IMG_0928