Rain continues…


The trend of heavy amounts of rainfall has continued. This past week we received another 2.8″ of rain. I am pleased with the overall health of the turfgrass across the course given the trying conditions, however playabilty has not been great. I have taken several measures, such as slicing the greens on a regular bases to incorporate oxygen and drying of the surface, backed off mowing and rolling, and continued to spray preventative fungicides to promote healthy turf and water penatrants to push water through the soil . I do not want to push the greens given the amount of moisture, lack of oxygen, and shortened root zone during these times. This will hopefully allow them to come out of this weather pattern stronger and healthier for when we do finally get the conditions we are all hoping to get soon. The 10 day forecast looks great if we can avoid a couple days of afternoon storms next week. My staff and I are continuing to work hard and provide the best playing conditions with turf health as our number one goal. Dry, firm, and fast is around the corner….I can feel it!

Thank you to everyone for your understanding during this incredibly wet spring and I hope everyone is enjoying the course so far this year.



Justin Klaus

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