Opening Day Winners

Opening Day Winners

Saturday, April 18th

Ladies – Katie Miller, Becky DeMuth, Gayle Smith, Marcie Larson.

Proximity winners: Kristen Obush,  Marcie Larson, and Becky DeMuth.

Men- Tie 1st Dan DiCola Sr., Walt Shutter, Joe Griffith, Mike Goerlich.  2ndJim Mendillo, Harry Harbaugh, Chris Antonikas, Dave Dillman.  3rd Bob Luther, Rick Stephenson, Don Laudadio, Ron Burns 4th– Joe Pianko, Mark Elliott, Chris Kerr, Mike Goodwin 5th Rick McLeary, Jack Krall, Gary Rigoni, Vince Detore.

Proximity winners Chris Kerr, Corey Riddell, Pat Wallace, Mike Cunningham, Mike Goodwin, Mike Dandrea, Dave Dillman, Todd Cline.

Thank you to all players that participated!


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