Opening Day Winners

Opening Day was contested Saturday April 16, 2016. The forecast called for bad weather in the 10-day, however the weather turned to be one of the nicest days of the spring. We had 68 Men and 12 Ladies round out the field.  The Golf Course was excellent, while the doughnuts and lunch were stupendous.  Oh yea we also played golf, the winners were:

Ladies – 1st Hollis Hall-Marge Burns-Joann Treskovich-Linda Harbaugh Prox. Winners Marcie Larson, Gayle Smith

Men- 1st David Strauser-Mick Kenney-Matt Terchick-Kevin Metsger 2nd Walt Shutter-Chris Kerr-Ron Lattanzio-Matt Iezzi Tie 3rd-Stan Treskovich-Jay Vreeland-Greg Caruso-Mike Goerlich Tie 3rd-Tom Zoppetti-Dave Gallatin-Bob Giunta-Chuck Wade 4th-Brad Jacovitz-Fred Crocker-Mike Skapura-Bob Campbell-Tie 6thBob Luther-Mike Adams-Mike Goodwin-Terry Warren—Corey Riddell-Jim Thomas-Doug Sisson-Glen Cassill—Bill Hough-Mark Elliott-Jack Krall-Bob Bradley—Mike Cunningham-Rob Boyer-Brian Jones-Terry Lee—Proximity winners-Stan Treskovich-Dave Strauser (2times)-Tom Zoppetti-Mike Grados-Chris Kerr-Mike Goerlich-Bob Campbell.