Member/Guest Results

Net Winners

1st  Paul Dominic-Denny Previte-Ed Nowicki-Phil Dahar

2nd Jack Pajan-Phil Disalbo-Chris Marteney-Tom Schachner

Gross Winners

1st Jim Muir-Ken McCracken-Geno Weiser-Tim McGinnis

2nd Tom Zoppetti-Gregg Zoppetti-Don Gobbel-Terri Gobbel


Closest to Pin

Bob Flick-Todd Cline-Frank Sundry-Tom Rennie-LJ Siemering-Denny Previte-Bob Campbell-Bill Seran

Long Drive

Anthony Mastro-Todd Cline

Long Putt

Gary Pagano-Joe Duda-Chuck Vecchiola

Thanks to all Members that Sponsored Guests!!!


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