Member Member Results

Member-Member was contested on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th


Net Division

1stEnis Cassill  and  Pat Warren

Gross Division

1st – Katie Miller and Ann Queale


Net Division

1st – Chuck Suprock and Ray Valosik

T2nd-Jim Mendillo and Robert Swann

T2nd –Bob Luther and Tom Donchez

4th-Terry Warren and Gerry Quinn Se.

5th-Ken Hue and Bill Hough

6th Fred Furia and Matt Iezzi

7th-Dan Horner and Keith Visconti

8th-Harry Harbaugh and Matt Terchick

9th-Ray Zelenak and Tom Jaworske

Gross Division

1St – Dave Strauser and Mike Cunningham

2nd – BJ Torau and Jake Bolby

3rd –Jim Muir and Rick Stephenson

Thank you to all that played and supported the club.