Member-Member 2017 Winners

The turnout for the Member-Member reflected the weather sunny and bright.  Bill, Bobbie Jo and the entire F&B staff threw a great themed Reggae party and the golf course was in wonderful condition!  The Winners were: 

1stSally Sheerer/Karen Thompson
Tie 2nd Pat Warren/Enis Cassill-Usha Singh/Dorothy Stein
Kristen Obush/ Karen Murphy

1st Jim Mendillo/Ken McCracken
T2nd Terry Warren/Jerry Quinn Sr
T2nd Brian Quinn/Dave Nelson
4th Tom Donchez/Bob Luther
5th Joe Griffith/Oz Dean
6th Fred Furia/Bill Thompson
t7th Nick Morrison / Nick Morrison III
Ray Valosik/Chuck Suprock
Ken Macha/Joe Corsi

1st Joe Pianko/Tim Cairns
2nd Dave Strauser/Mike Cunningham
3rd Paul Dominic / Ray Nelson

Thank you to all that played and supported the club.

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