Masters 2017 Finish

I thought it was great TV on Sunday afternoon from Augusta, outcome of the tournament does not always matter as much as the beauty and excitement that is the Masters.  Sergio Garcia’s Masters win coupled with his Ryder Cup play and worldwide victories have made him one of the top players in the Tiger Woods era.


We had two Masters events that were happening in the Golf Shop last week and the winners were:

Par 3 Pick Em

Speith-Kuchar-Snedeker 138 -6

Tie 1st-Mike Goodwin and John Hepler $100 ea Day-Kuchar-Schwartzel 141 3rd Garrett Adams $60 Day-Fowler-Snedeker 143 Tie 4th Dot Stein and Jay Vreeland $30 ea


Wednesday Night Par 3

1st Jim Mendello-Sergio Garcia $125

2nd Rick Stephenson-Justin Rose $100

3rd Gary Rigoni-Charl Schwartzel $75

Tie 4th Barb Planinsek-Matt Kuchar

Mike Zakur-Thomas Pieters $40 ea.

Check out the winners from our own Par 3 event HERE


Thank you for Participating.