Course Aerification Information

Annual Course Aerification


Begins Tuesday after Labor Day (weather permitting)


Please bear with us as this maintenance is completed. The course will closed the first day to attend to the greens. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on the process and what areas the crew has covered.


The grounds crew always aims to complete the greens and fairways in one week. Annual aerification, though an inconvenience, is vital in providing healthy greens and fairways all year long, so that they can continue their hard and dedicated work.

Please note that the main focus of the crew during this time is aerification; other areas such as roughs and flower beds may not be attended to until the main job is completed. This is so the process may be done faster.

It takes two to three weeks for the greens to recover, but there will still be plenty of time for golf after.


The Pro Shop will close during the first 3 days of aerification.

The clubhouse will close the first day, and only open for dinner the second and third days.


Calendar may change at any time according to the weather.  Tee aerification may occur anytime throughout the fall.