Club Championship 2017 Winners

Club Championship Results—Please join me in saying Congratulations to all of our winners from this years Club Championship.  Special Thanks goes out to all that participated!  The Winners were:


Championship Flight Winner- Ben Biss (138) $100

2nd Place- Joe Corsi (141)$50


Ladies Club Champion- Sally Sheerer (166)$100

Ladies Low Net- Jackie Elliott(133)$50


Flight 1 Champion- Bill Hough (152)3rd Playoff Hole$100

2nd Place- Corey Riddell (152) $50


Flight 2 Champion- James Elliott (150)$100

2nd Place- Don Gobbel (153)$50


Flight 3 Champion- Rick Stephenson (161)$100

2nd Place- Brian Quinn (163)$50


Flight 4 Champion- David Gallatin (159)$100

2nd Place- Kevin Metsger (162)$50


Flight 5 Champion- Bill Bode (163)$100

2nd Place- Chris Kerr (167)$50


Flight 6 Champion- Terry Lee (171)$100

T2nd Place- Joe Griffith (176)

Bob Jackson(176) $25 Ea.


Flight 7 Champion-Jonathan Vesely (180)$100

2nd Place- Paul Ives (181)$50