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Course Update 5-20-18

Afternoon storms with substantial amounts of rainfall has been the trend over the past week. We received 1.15″ of rain Saturday afternoon and evening, bringing the total to 4.3″ over the past 7 days. Greens are beyond their water infiltration rate and are holding excessive amounts of water. Due to the soft, wet conditions, greens will be backed off of for a couple days until they dry out. I do not want to put unnecessary stress upon them when it is only May.  Other areas of the course may have to let dry before mowing as well to prevent ruts and scalping . Please continue using cart paths and extreme caution in your travels to prevent rutting up the course any further. Keep your fingers crossed and pray for drier weather ahead.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Justin Klaus


Good Morning Members,

Due to winter running later than usual this year, my staff and I will be utilizing the weekend to catch up on mulching the property. Greens will be mowed and rolled, however cups will not be changed this weekend. Thank you for your understanding as we work on getting caught up.

Justin Klaus

On the Course ~ April 2018

Its hard to believe we still had snow on the ground just one week ago today. Winter has lingered on longer than anyone has wanted to see. I am pleased that even with the snow, rain, and cold weather my staff and I have been working relentlessly to provide the best conditions for opening day on Saturday, April 28th. Greens were deep tined along with topdressed Monday and Tuesday. Conditions will play a little softer than the norm for a few days. I am pleased to say all the grass has been cut, cleanup of winter debris is almost complete, and mulching of the landscape beds will begin as soon as possible. My staff and I thank you for your understanding as we continue to work hard to provide great playing conditions and beautiful aesthetics as Spring temperatures slowly approach.


Justin Klaus

Greens Update

Green aerification began yesterday morning under cloudy skies that quickly produced rain.  Seven greens all on the front 9 currently have holes in them without top dressing applied.  The decision to wait for drier weather will allow us to keep the back side open(without holes) for play the next few days.  The plan is to get the back side done on Thursday or Friday depending on the weather.  We will keep you informed as to our progress via email.

This Week on the Course

A mild winter and an early spring has gotten us off to one of our fastest starts ever. We’ve already mowed once and in some instances twice.  It’s also allowed us to realign some tees that we’ll continue to recontour through mowing.

The full crew returned yesterday and we dove right into edging and evening out the traps in preparation for new sand. Seventy ton white sand is coming in over the next three days and as long as the weather allows, we’ll be filling in traps all across the course. In a few weeks the sand will settle and compact.

Next week we plan on dethatching the greens. The process involves cutting two directions, which removes accumulated thatch that helps the grass grow stronger and be less susceptible to disease. Water, air and other nutrients can then reach the root system better.

Over the winter we removed 28 trees, most of which were ash trees damaged or dying from the ash borer. A number of the trees were removed from the woods next to the clubhouse.

IMG_0926 IMG_0928

Aerification Progress

All 18 Greens were aerified, cleaned off, and topdressed on Tuesday, September 8th. Expect the greens to be healed and back to speed in a few weeks.

Unfortunately, the weather did not and will not allow for the Fairways to be aerified this week. This part of aerification will be pushed to October after we’ve hopefully gotten enough rain to replenish our reservoirs (aka. our lakes).

Thank you to all our members for their patience and understanding.