Member-Member 2017 Winners

The turnout for the Member-Member reflected the weather sunny and bright.  Bill, Bobbie Jo and the entire F&B staff threw a great themed Reggae party and the golf course was in wonderful condition!  The Winners were: 

1stSally Sheerer/Karen Thompson
Tie 2nd Pat Warren/Enis Cassill-Usha Singh/Dorothy Stein
Kristen Obush/ Karen Murphy

1st Jim Mendillo/Ken McCracken
T2nd Terry Warren/Jerry Quinn Sr
T2nd Brian Quinn/Dave Nelson
4th Tom Donchez/Bob Luther
5th Joe Griffith/Oz Dean
6th Fred Furia/Bill Thompson
t7th Nick Morrison / Nick Morrison III
Ray Valosik/Chuck Suprock
Ken Macha/Joe Corsi

1st Joe Pianko/Tim Cairns
2nd Dave Strauser/Mike Cunningham
3rd Paul Dominic / Ray Nelson

Thank you to all that played and supported the club.

July Ladies’ Event Winners

Jackie Elliott, Gayle Smith and Grace Rigoni teamed with Dave Berenbok on July11 to capture the King and Queens event.  Proximity winners included Berenbok (long putt on #9 and closest to the pin on #11) and Chuck Suprock (long putt on #18).

Carol Clawson and Hollis Hall shot a sizzling 60.5 to win the Modified Chapman on July 18 out-distancing runners-up Gayle Smith and Becky Demuth (67) and Karen Murphy and Marcie Larson (68.5).

June Ladies’ Event Winners

> June 6 was a combination of better ball, scramble and shamble called Six/Six/Six. The winners, with a score of 60, were Carol Clawson, Darlene Elliott and Donna McDowell. The team of Jackie Elliott, Betty Rosa and Usha Singh were runners-up with a 62.
> Flag Day, June 13 saw Hollis Hall “plant” her flag at the furthest point along the course where par and the player’s handicap come together. Karen Thompson and JoAn Treskovich finished second and third.
> Enis Cassel, Karen Hough, Karen Murphy, Grace Rigoni and Pat Warren survived a gadget game called “Survivor” played on June 20. Equally exciting was Hough’s hole-in-one recorded on hole #7! Witnesses Marge Burns, Robin Giunta and Isabel Jones celebrated Karen’s ace AND Isabel’s “special” birthday!

>The Invitational was the last of our June events. Players enjoyed a glorious day on the links, a delicious luncheon and a special display of golf clothing. Kudos to the Cathy and John and the shop staff, our dining room team and Katie Miller who coordinated the JoFit apparel display. Thank you to all of the Association members who participated in the event!
1st- Jackie Elliott, Karen Murphy, Tracey Smeltzer, Madalyn Smith
2nd- Karen Hough, Peggy Haraczy, Betty Rosa, Anna Marie Denis
3rd- Gail Smith, Donna McDowell, Leslie Siemering, Sara Klinchock
4th- Katie Miller, Carolyn Sabolcik, Katrin Wolfe, Amy Gierlak

Proximity winners included Sally Wozniak (long putt #2), closest to the pin #4 Vicki Price, #7 Shellie Davis, #11 Cindy Kunkle, #17 Madalyn Smith and Katrin Wolfe (long putt #18).

Mens Invitational 2017 Winners

The Mens’ Invitational (June 1-3) was a great success due to the nice weather, great player participation, fantastic golf course conditions, and superb food. We hope that all participants and guests had a Great Time!


The Overall Champions were BJ Torau and Jason Potuzko from Flight 1
Runner up flight 1-Dave Smail and Ray Nelson
Flight 2 Champions-Rick McLeary and Joe Pianko
Runner up- Jim Muir and Richard Horvath
Flight 3 Chammpions-Tim McGinnis and Scott Haman
Runner up-David Southworth and Roy King
Flight 4 Champions-David Gallatin and John Skiavo
Runner up-Don Gobbel and Tom Zoppetti
Flight 5 Champions-Michael Kenney and Chris Kerr
Runner up-William Martz and Matt Polechko
Flight 6 Champions- Jerry Wilkosky and Dale Whigham
Runner up-Mike Jones and Jack Pajan
Flight 7 Champions-Ben Thomas and Bill Nebel
Runner up-Bob Swann and Keith Miller


The Pens game was a dud that Saturday night but we had 3 people that were winners on the shot total board winning $140 shop credit each, they were Ray Hess, Dave Gallatin, and Matt Iezzi. Congratulations!

Red Solo Cup Open Winners

The Red Solo Cup Open was played on May 20th, it was a 9-hole event and on course beer tasting presented by John McGinley of Wilson-McGinley Brewing featuring FatHead Beer. The golf part of the festivities was a proximity tournament throughout all 9 holes.

The winners were: Roseanne Mohler, Jim Elliott, Holly Hall, Jared Gorentz (2), Linda Grados, Mike Murphy, Madalyn Smith, Kevin Metsger, Darlene Elliott, Ron Kurpiel, Bob Giunta, Karen Thompson, Barb Gabelt, Karen Murphy, Tim Caldwell.  62 players made up the field.

The putting contest held prior to the event was won by Don Gobbel, Holly Hall and Bill Rosa.

Congratulations- Keith Miller Hole In One #7 during Solo Cup Open.

Member Guest 2017 Winners

The Spring Member Guest was contested on Friday, April 21st.

Winners were:

Gross: Mike Zacur, John Zacur, Gary Palombo, and Rick Schrum

Net: Matt Love, Jim Porter, Jeff Porter, and Chad Porter

Proximities: Scott Green, Sam Piscione, Pete Maida, Don Gobbel, Paul Zanotto, Jeep Quinn, Steve Meyers, Mario Warren, Pat Wallace

Giveaway Winners:

Bill Seran, Jim Holt, Larry Barish, Chuck Trumbetta, Woody Woodward

Social Membership Winners: Eric Porter and Frank Stiner

Golf Membership Winner: Karl Johnston

Minimum Credit Winner: Brian Quinn

Thanks to all who played congratulations to our winners!

LCC Masters Par 3 Winners

9 Hole Masters Par 3 at LCC

Wednesday, April 5th

There may have been a delay at the Masters, but we had a great evening 9-hole event.

Congratulations to our winners!


Low Net

1st Janet Barker

2nd Darlene Elliott

3rd Tie Mike Skapura and Grace Rigoni


Low Gross

1st Ed Elliott

Tie 2nd Jim Elliott and Mike Zacur

Proximity Winners

Barb Planinsek

Mike Murphy

Dave Dillman

Mike Skapura

Fred PLaninsek

Ed Elliott

Grace Rigoni

Bob Hamilton



Annual Pumpkin Par 3 Winners

The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Par 3 winners were as follows:

1st place team: Marge Burns, Ron Burns, Patricia Warren, Terry Warren

Tie-2nd place team: Holly Hall, Greg Caruso, Bill Hough, Karen Hough

T-2nd  Gerry Quinn, Brian Quinn, BJ Torau, Jay Vreeland

T-2nd  Walt Shutter, Rick Stephenson, David Nelson, Barry Novotny

Low Gross

Ladies: Sheila Kassel

Men: BJ Torau

Low Net

Ladies: Patricia Warren

Men: Rick Stephenson

Proximity Winners

#1 Tony Moroca

#2 David Nelson

#6 Art Hawk

#7  Ron Lattanzio

#10 Ron Lattanzio

#12 Pat Warren

#15 Jay Vreeland

#16 Tom Gessner