As June comes to an end…

Good morning membership,

As we enter the last day of June, hot (DRY!!!) weather is in the forecast. We are entering July with 5 straight days at 90 degrees plus and no rain. We are ending June with a total of 7.85″. The greens will start to dry down and become firm, however with this hot, humid weather it may take several days. Humid days will lead to them holding moisture. This weekend is a great example of why my staff and I are topdressing and incorporating as much sand into them as possible moving forward. The large putting green and number 1 green are sand based. Please take an extra look and notice how firm, dry, and true they are compared to our other greens that are more silt/clay based. These greens hold more water, act spongy, and are less true. Over time, my staff and I will be working hard to  incorporate as much sand into the greens as possible. The greens will eventually all play similar to the putting green and number 1. Monday, July 2nd my staff and I will be slicing the greens, as we have several times this year to relieve canopy moisture, and then topdressing. This should help the drying out process and get to the firm, fast greens everyone has been waiting all year to play. As the weather turns a corner, I hope everyone gets out and enjoys multiple rounds and has a wonderful 4th of July Holiday. Thank you and take care,

Turf Management team and Justin