Aerification Complete 10-25-18

Good Morning Membership,

I am proud to announce that greens aerification was completed on Wednesday, October 24th. We were able to use 1/2″ quad tines on 2″ spacing, which pulled more material out than in years past. We removed approximately 19.6% and replaced it with 100% silica sand. 2 of these coring aerifications coincided with the 2 direction verticut will remove about 70% yearly. USGA recommends 20% yearly. This will be 3.5 times the recommended yearly displacement. A schedule this aggressive is a must to improve firmness, drainage, and playability over the next 3-5 years. I want to thank my staff and Mr. Elliott for all their hard work and determination to make this grueling process go as smoothly as it did. We will be applying a fertilizer spray along with a granular application to help healing process along as much as possible. Thank you again to everyone and I look forward to seeing how hard work pay off next golf season.

Justin Klaus